Monday, July 15, 2013

Oyá - Tribal Goddess Collection - Khepera Adornments

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This uniquely designed Multicolor Tribal Print Fabric Choker depicts the beauty and power of the Yoruba Orisha (Goddess) Oyá. She holds ownership to the market place! This necklace can be worn year round, as these are the beautiful colors of the Earth.

Oyá is a powerful female warrior Orisha. She wears nine scarves of different colors to represent her lost children. She resides in the marketplace and manipulates the changing fortunes made through business. She is the Orisha of storms and wind, and is the protector of women. She aids in rapid transformation and is the Orisha of rebirth and new life. She is the teacher of truth and bringer of justice.

Fear Her Not, For She Is The Orisha Of Transformation. She brings forth death, so that we may have new life. (Sound familiar, eh? Now who else do folks talk about that evokes similar energy?) One could think of this as literal, yet it is no more literal than when we speak of the ending of the world...(certainly, as we know it). Let us be open to the fact that there are a vast array of powerful energy forces in this Universe that prompt and facilitate change. Westernized thinking would potentially have one to fear new information for those who have not heard of it. Yet you have not entered this page by accident. Consider yourself as one of the fortunate ones, to have been introduced (for those who do not know Oyá). In the midst of her wrath, she makes things beautiful, if you are able to withstand her storms. Seem like a rough period these days? You are experiencing or witnessing the mighty midst of transformation.

Evoke your Oyá energy!

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.