Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cyber Monday...Bust Or Success?

Okay....Cyber Monday 2015 is absolutely over. And although businesses will continue to hold sales, (such as I am right now) the fact remains that the day itself has ended. I am thankful for all of my customers participating yesterday, so if you just so happen to be reading this...A BIG THANK YOU to you.

Is it me? Or have you noticed that each of these significant days are flying by? We get so geared up for our special days that we just love so much and before you know it...they're gone.

For all small business owners out there; particularly online retailers, I implore you to keep the momentum going. While I have heard so much flack and negativity around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the fact remains that businesses continue to push these days, and I don't blame them. Isn't increasing revenue the point of business? Duuuh. Perhaps those who have issues with these days is because they may not have gotten wind of their own success. Truly I digress.

The point I'm making is that customers love sales. They love bargains, they love coupon codes, they love give-aways and buy-one-get--one-free "stuff". As a small business owner I say, don't stop offering in this way. Generosity goes a long way in the end, because you have a trusting customer, pleased with a product and they will come back for more.

Give your customer many thanks and show your appreciation for their business. Tap into the things that really keep them interested and keep offering what it is that they want....So sorry to say, but not what you want them to purchase. How controlling is that? Certainly you would want to have a vested interest in a product that you are selling, however I have seen time and time again, small businesses selling what they want the customer to buy as opposed to what the customer wants. Consequently, the business in the end may go belly-up.

Have You Ever Seen A Shop Of Mittens? 

Have you ever seen a shop of mittens? Blue and pink mittens, plaid and polka dot mittens. Ooooh the shop owner is in mitten heaven. But who in the hell wants all of those mittens other than the shop owner? Hey, I'm not knocking mittens for all of you mitten-lovers, just try to offer an additional product, eh-hem that one would want. I'm just saying...

Last piece of advice that you didn't ask for. (Heheee) Remain authentic in what it is that you are offering. Develop your own niche. It's okay to be inspired by what other businesses are doing, but when you find yourself being a total copycat....that is grounds for both burn-out and failure. Our brains strengthen and our creativity expands when we use our own brains and creativity for the businesses that we offer. Copycats have no place, and customers can feel when you have not even bought into your own product. At the end of the day you may find yourself running into a brick wall trying to keep up with that unique individual who is doing their own thing. So just be true to yourself, continue to develop your own target market, and the rest will grow and flourish over time. But just be patient. These things take time.

Until next time, happy sales, and much success to you all during this season of spending frenzy.

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