Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hatred, The Sociopath And Omnipotence

by Abeni Bamidele

Everything around us is changing. And in America...that is the United States, the demeanor of people get worse by the second. People hate people.

People hate people.

People hate people.

Yet people hate themselves first. You see...in order to hate others, one must have a secret hatred for themselves. One can not exercise the feeling and ideology of hatred without practicing on oneself, first. It is a sort of role reversal, coupled with a dab of psychological projection and a double shot of sociopathy.

Now for those that victimize themselves into believing that they are hated....Get over yourselves. Over-thinking trauma keeps a people weakened. Don't you get it? I guess not.

Utilize that energy of victimization to become the supreme beings that you already are, though you don't even know it. For supreme beings never notice the inferiority of others. They're just too busy being omnipotent.

So shut up and just do it.