Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Who Will Control You In 2016?

by Abeni Bamidele

Honestly this scene could be anywhere in the world... Well not anywhere, but one has a massive selection when finding bodies of water to marvel over across this great Earth. I just so happen to want to spend this holiday season in Florida on a magnificent beach, where only sunlight possessed the atmosphere, palm trees, and 85 degrees on December 25th. 

For a moment I thought, how unfair it is that some get to lay their eyes on this meditative water everyday, while others, (like myself) torture ourselves in the northern hemisphere, where sunlight is a rare commodity in the winter months, yet can not be bought or sold.

Sometimes, one must change their environment to receive a different result upon their return back to their place of domicile. Translation: Go to the place that moves you. As you are well aware... 2016 is a few days away. What will you do in it?

You can call me the traveler, as I will quickly take a journey overseas once again in the beginning of 2016 to begin my new life's path. Of course I will share my weeks' events...

I am concerned about all of us this year. We owe it to ourselves to make drastic changes this year, whether we think we need them or not. 

We are in the midst of a New World Order. Who will control you in the coming year? I do hope that your answer is...YOU.

You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.

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