Sunday, April 10, 2016

America The Beautiful. Land That...

America: Land of perpetuated racism. Indeed Americans are lovers of this phenomenon. So much so, that it has become the deity of the land. Put down your Jesus figure and uplift your Racism, as it is the driving force to which most if not all Americans operate under. Oh yes, Americans do love racism. White folks love it because they have an insatiable need to "feel" superior, despite their scientific recessive genetics (mutated alleles, that is...). And well Black folks...while they themselves can not be racist, they love to utilize this deity as a means to remain traumatized by it. As for all others in between, they laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, while at the same time enduring their own discriminatory and racist practices, but never ever to the degree that the Americans have made such a mockery of those distinguishable traits that make us all...well...different. God forbid that we all be different. If "Americans" had it their way (excluding the indigenous people of course), this is what the world would look like...and I do mean all of it: See below:

Umm...yeah, just WHITE. 
Now isn't that the most idiotic desire one would have? Screw the blue skies and oceans, the beautiful petals of flowers in varied hues, and the deep greens of leaves didn't want it all white? Just people?

Naaah, not ever gonna happen. So please get over yourselves. Americans that is. All the rest of you...keep doing what you are doing. Soon enough, you too will have the Racism deity visit your doorstep, and you can make love to it as well.

The astute Donald Trump.

If nothing else...maybe ya boy can be the savior to all Americans.

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