Saturday, April 9, 2016

Feel The Spirit Of Mami Wata: Sparkling Shell Drop Earrings Khepera Adornments, LLC

Sparkling Shell Mami Wata Drop Earrings

I can surely envision the mermaid rocking these. These sparkling earrings are designed with shells that give the look of the abalone's shell. You'll look wonderful on a cruise overlooking the ocean in these...5" length, gold plated lever back ear wires.

Sea Shells
Gold Glass Seed Beads
Czech Fire Polished Iris Green Crystals

Goddess Mami Wata

Mami Goddess, Queen Pasipha√©  found in the Palace shrine of Knossos in  Pre-Grecian Afro-Minoan, matriarchal Crete.  A contemporary of  Isis, Cybele (Sibyl)  and Black Demeter, Above, she is crowned as grand oracle of the underworld (Ancestors/ Dead) and Queen Priestess/Protector of the state. 

The Palace of Knossos, belonged to the great black, lawgiver,  King Minos (“moon spirit”), whose African name was Menes, and his  Afro-Dravidian  name was Menu. Nearly all African kings and diviner (Chaldean) priests were crowned with Mami. This history is not generic "goddess mythology," but an historical sacerdotal order of African women and men whose holy temples dominated the ancient world.”

Mami Wata emerged in new communities and under different guises, among them Lasirèn, Yemanja, Santa Marta la Dominadora, and Oxum. African--based faiths honoring these manifestations of Mami Wata continue to flourish in communities throughout the Americas, including Haiti, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.