Saturday, April 2, 2016

She Was Her Own Worst Enemy. Find Out Why

 Would One Select To Be His Or Her Own Worst Enemy?

The answer? and only you can answer that for yourself. I apologize in advance for starting April off so morbidly. It's just that I have encountered a few people in my new-found public exposure who have demonstrated that their worst enemy is themselves.

Now exactly what do I mean by this? 

I have found that when people have been subjected to any form of abuse, whether psychological, emotional, or physical on a recurring basis or for an extended period of time, that person has suffered some form of trauma. And yes...trauma begets more trauma.

I've recently come across a woman. Let's just name her Jane for the sake of my own need to keep her real first name confidential. (However you would not know her either way, and I would doubt it that she would find this article. But I digress.) Jane is unfortunately morbidly obese, walks with a limp, loud, obnoxious, curses like a sailor, (if sailor's curse) verbally abuses everyone who comes in contact with her, controlling, and did I say bossy? Jane wears beautiful make-up, hair and nails always in tact and is under age 40.

Why am I talking about Jane?

Well, Jane is one fine example of the people I have recently come across whom I would like to stay far away from, but unfortunately can not. Most people would want to run from her I would imagine. My goodness...every other word she uses is the"f-bomb". Might I add that this is happening in a somewhat therapeutic work environment. (You must remember...I work in behavioral health. And this is not a patient or client...this would be a clinician). Yes, did I mention that Jane is a clinician? That means that she's supposed to be helping others. Uuugh! Gasp!

In between treating patients, Jane shoves packs of pink marshmallow bunnies down her throat, chug-a-lugs jugs of over-sweetened tea, and smacks on greased fried chicken, not at lunch time, but rather during the working hours.

No, you just can't make this stuff up. It happens. And this is one fine example why I needed a hiatus from people.

Anyway, Jane is incredibly angered by the world. At least it looks that way.You can see it in the way she corresponds with her patients and colleagues...and how she treats her own self. 

She Is Her Own Worst Enemy...

I could sit here and give her a diagnosis, and I am sure that you could too, yet rather than doing so, I'd rather implore that you be sure to look deeply inside of yourself as I have done so within my own psyche. Be sure to avoid ever being your own worst enemy. Love and embrace the beauty within, and if you can't find the beauty, try harder. Delve deep. Find your talents, tap into your resources, breathe fresh air, smell the flowers, give yourself a hug, and give the best of yourself to others.

But until that time, if and only if you know that you are your own worst enemy... Stay away from all of us, for you are not yet deserving to shine your light, for your light is dim and dismal. Do not be a Jane. But rather embrace the beautiful authentic talented, gifted you.

You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.

Thousand Foot Krutch - My Own Enemy