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Be Kind To Your Prostate & Tomatoes Are Your Friend: Men's Sexual Health From The Woman's Perspective

How Much Do I Really Care About My Sexual Health & Drive?

I would think that the sexual health of a man should be top on his priority list, should he maintain an interest in successful sexual performance. As a matter of fact, according to WebMD, "studies" have shown that men under 60 think about sex at least one time per day. That's it???? Naaaah....!

I think those "studies" may be a tad conservative, as I would imagine that men not only think about sex several times per day with an added bonus of arousal, but also make attempts to venture out to satisfy those very natural urges.

Nothing wrong with that....right? Certainly not. Yet I would say that along my journey, when talking to men's female counterparts, the actual execution of erection may not always correspond to those desires to perform. Oops! I'm sorry. Did I give away a secret?

That's right! Your "stud" in the bedroom may not be performing as he may project himself to be doing so. Meanwhile, he may be out in the community, bragging to his peers. He may even think he is performing well in the bedroom, while his partner lay there in sheer disappointment.
"When I said we needed more magic in our marriage....."

Many times, particularly in casual dating situations, the man may never develop a close enough relationship with the women he dates, that would have them tell him, "Dude.... you really need to see about that thing, 'cause something ain't right..." Okay, well maybe he wouldn't deserve such an announcement in that manner. But essentially what I'm saying is, women have silently encountered situations with men they are dating or even married to, where the performance of their man was less than desirable due to either erectile dysfunction or penile curvature that creates a burden in the bedroom.

Whew! Okay...I got it out. Yes my friends! And I'm talking the men are experiencing this phenomenon at very early stages in their lives. (Late 20's, 30's & 40's). Not sure what your thinking...but that's a problem. Moreover, it seems that the men either don't notice this as it regards their penises, or they think it's a normal process in the construct of aging.... NOT! And their mates are just....dealing with it. Not cool.

Peyronie's Disease

For the sake of conservative imagery, I've provided a piece of fruit to represent the male's tool to sexual satisfaction (and procreation of course). Moreover, it shall symbolize the very unfortunate curvature of the penis, that some men experience, while women suffer in silence in pain as they must endure the wrath of the curve.

For those who don't know, Peyronie's Disease (according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases), is a disorder in which scar tissue, called a plaque, forms in the penis. The plaque builds up inside the tissues of a thick, elastic membrane called the tunica albuginea. The most common area for the plaque is on the top or bottom of the penis. As the plaque builds up, the penis will curve or bend, which can cause painful erections. Curves in the penis can make sexual intercourse painful, difficult, or even impossible. Peyronie’s disease begins with inflammation, or swelling, which can become a hard scar.

So now that we have covered that somewhat uncomfortable description, I would say that the purpose of describing it, is essential as both partners should pay close attention, and be very aware of the subtle changes that may occur over time with the body as a whole.  It is absolutely essential to ensure good health. In this particular case, some changes in the body are not simply from a natural course in life, but can either be avoided, corrected or prevented.

Diet & The Healthy Penis

Hey guys, we as women are only looking out for your health. As my personal gift to you, I've made myself spokesperson on behalf of all the ladies who never had the guts to discuss this situation outwardly. So I'm going for it.

Here's the magic question: Can diet cause the penis to bend? (drum roll please) YES. Sure Can! You absolutely have to change your nutritional routine.

There are specific dietary elements that are necessary for the cells of the body to strengthen and be flexible. When these elements are deficient or not present the body breaks down more easily and it develops in an inferior way. Thus the case of hard scar tissue and plaque found in a bent/curved penis caused by Peyronie's Disease.

One of the most important food nutrients for proper healing is fat. When the body is deprived of the necessary fats it needs to heal properly and maintain strong and elastic cellular structure, the greater the increase in getting Peyronies Disease.

Good Fats Can & Should Be Eaten:
  • monounsaturated fats (good fats)
  • polyunsaturated fats (good fats)
  • trans fats (bad fats)
  • saturated fats (bad fats)
The myth is that it is the fats that cause the arteries to clog, but in fact, dehydration, sugar consumption, lack of vitamin B, and consumption of trans fats (found in processed foods, for example) causes the body's inability to burn the good fats needed to strengthen cells.

Bottom Line: Stay away from junk food, fast food, canned and boxed foods high in sodium. You're injuring your penis!

Proactive Measures & Solutions to Virility & A Healthy Prostate

Guys, let me place emphasis that tomatoes are your friend.  Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes. It may help prevent prostate cancer as well as reduce tumor growth among men with prostate cancer.

Because lycopene is tightly bound to cell walls, our bodies have a difficult time extracting it from raw tomatoes. Cooked or pureed tomato products may be better options. Look to products like, tomato paste, home-made spaghetti sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, and tomato juice. But please avoid salt at all costs! 'Tis best to use fresh tomatoes to create these foods as already-prepared foods in jars and cans are filled with preservatives including high sodium, which defeats the purpose, as you may be right back down the road of erectile challenges again.

Lessons On The Penis & The Root Chakra: Think Red

Red Fruits & Vegetables Are The Keys To Great Prostate Health!

Lesson I:
The Root Chakra links us to the physical world, solidity and support; especially to the physical body. It is the foundation of energy. The Base or Root Chakra manifests strongly in the motivation to ensure personal survival by way of food, rest, and sexual expression.

Root Chakra Color:
The color associated with the root chakra is RED. Red symbolizes life, vitality, strength and the physical nature of man. Rose-red is the color of universal harmony.

Lesson II:

Men should be eating RED Fruits For Prostate Health:

*Eat Watermelon and Strawberries

These fruits contain lycopene, which promotes proper prostate function and has been shown to relax blood vessels and improve blood flow to the organs. Red fruits are also recommended as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction as lycopene acts as a “natural Viagra.”

Lesson III:

Create Your Own Tonic For Prostate Health: I'll Start You Off With One.

Watermelon/Strawberry Tonic:
1 pound diced seedless watermelon (without rind), about 3-4 cups
8 ounces (fresh) strawberries (about a pint)
1 Tbsp lemon or lime juice
1/4 to 1/2 cup chilled water

Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. If you choose, strain out any pulpy pieces that did not get broken up in the blender. Adjust the ingredients to taste. **Drink Regularly**

In SUMMARY: Guys it's never too late to ensure great sexual health. Being mindful of your diet is the key to a great sex life. Now, go get 'em tiger!

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