Friday, June 12, 2015

The Color Run Shall Chase One To Serenity: Vast Interest Makes The World Go 'Round

Wembley Park Station, London, U.K., 6.6.2015

Well, I am back in the states again, and it is unbelievable that it was just last weekend that I was in London in the midst of a swarm of people, all wearing pretty much the same t-shirts which fascinated me, as the shirts stated, "The Color Run". I quickly thought to myself..."What on Earth could that mean?" particularly because there seemed to be limitations to a variety of color with the exception of the lettering on the t-shirts. I didn't know whether to be agitated or inquisitive. Nonetheless, my agitation erupted more-so because all I wanted to do was enter the Wembley Park station without disruption, as I was on a mission to go to my very favourite bead shop, Creative Beadcraft  at Smith's Court.

Goodness...they were everywhere. I couldn't get away. They were on the sidewalks, in lines uploading funds on oyster cards to catch the train. Moreover, smashed together like sardines in the train cars, arms dangling from the the bars which would support them from toppling over. The Color Run, The Color Run, The Color Run...... This would become embedded in my mind and burnt within my retinas before I could have a small semblance of peace, so that my focus would be on the joy I would receive in making my selections to design my next jewellery masterpieces. ;-)

At any rate, what I noticed from these massive clusters of people were that they seemed quite happy with the days events.  And while I was not a participant nor observer, I instantly knew that it was a very good day. And particularly for me as well, as a sunny day in London is certainly a brilliant day indeed.

The clusters would disperse over time as I would come closer to reaching my destination. The Color Run, The Color Run.... This would soon exude hints of a secret society who on this very day would grace us with their presence in the name of some form of unity. As I would understand it, this group comes together far and wide, all shapes and sizes; even with disparities in physical capability. Quite an interesting concept. My interest actually ceased at that point, as I would require instant gratification in purpose to proceed in gaining a better understanding.

Aaaah, and so I arrived.

Quite the quaint little shoppe, that would have everything I needed to fulfill and satisfy my creative urges.

No noise, no t-shirts, no clambering, no hovering, no giddiness.  Just pure genius.

A very good day indeed.

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