Friday, June 26, 2015

Artist Of Obama 'Hope' Picture Faces Arrest For Felony In Detroit

So it seems that artist Shepard Fairey has gotten himself into a little trouble. The nerve of him to vandalize the streets of Detroit with his mural of President Barrack Obama's portrait of "Hope" on a building which caused a whopping $9000 worth of damage. The Detroit Free Press, reports that Fairey faces two felony counts of malicious destruction of property and was issued the warrant which was filed last Friday. Fairey can potentially face up to five years in jail, as well as fines that could exceed $10,000. Whoah!

He is being called names such as "vandal" and "artist of terror". Well that's not fair.

So let me get this strait: An artist potentially attempts to beautify the streets of Detroit and faces jail time? Ummm, let's take a look at Detroit streets shall we?

As a disclaimer, all of Detroit surely does not look like this, however, I'm sure the upper echelon of neighborhoods were not about to be graced with "Hope" serving as an incentive to the wealthy to seek the face it. Ya feel me?

Fairey....Keep "Hope" alive. Hope you have the cash to bail yourself out of jail. In the meantime...stop vandalizing.

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