Sunday, July 12, 2015

4 Ways Of Dealing With People You Don't Like

I know, I know, I get it. People can make it very difficult to like them at times. Yet by force, we have to simply suck it up and make the most of a bad situation. So what environment do you find those challenges of dealing with people that you don't like? No, you can not banish them from the Earth, but you can come up with strategies to deal with them, particularly if you have to encounter them on a regular basis.

4 Ways Of Dealing With People You Don't Like 

1. Take A Deep Breath, It's Temporary 

Whether we all know it or not, everyone has a purpose in this life. That very person before you can serve as a positive influence in your life. If nothing more, they are teaching you the art of tolerance. Who said we are supposed to like everyone? Tolerance affords you the opportunity to draw inferences in points of view, and may even validate that the things you strongly believe in are confirmed. The person isn't placed in your life to torture you, but rather allow you to put into practice, respectfully accepting varied perspectives. Trust me, it's only for a short while!

2. Change The Dynamics With The Way You Communicate

You're going to want to brace yourself before the person even opens their mouth, I know.  Remember, most times, the person doesn't even know the disdain that you have for them (unless you blatantly tell them of course). So they are just being themselves while you on the other hand have your pantaloons in a bunch. Try to change the dynamics with which you communicate with them. Extract from them something universal that you can relate to. I'm sure it will place ease in the conversation. And try not to let it be known or recognized that you dislike them. That only makes you look like you have a problem with coping.

3. Kill Them With Kindness

It's not good to harbor ill feelings towards others as it can only affect your health. (headaches, stomach discomfort, ulcers) So why don't you change your attitude toward them and not focus on the things you dislike, but rather focus on the purpose of the engagement. You've heard of fake it 'till you make it....? Yes, do a little bit of that. Remember, you disliking others is YOUR problem and not theirs. 

4. Kindly Tell Them

Now don't be mean about it! But if given opportunity, let them know that there is something that they are saying or doing that you don't like. Particularly when you will be working with them on a regularly basis and they are for example, a colleague, they may even want to change those things that are disturbing you to improve the relationship. However if it is a supervisor or someone in leadership in a working environment, I suggest that you resort to the first suggestion above. Choose your decisions wisely!

Disclaimer: Do not substitute suggestions provided for sound clinical advice. If you find yourself harboring ill feelings towards others regularly, seek professional assistance, as there may be a series of deeply routed concerns that require on-going analysis.

Now run-along, and get along!