Sunday, July 5, 2015

Is Marriage In The Stars For You In the U.S.? For Some Groups, It Can Still Be Quite Dicey

With a mixture of opinion, observation, experience and factual research (if there is such a thing)a pretty compelling and sometimes uncomfortable subject in America has much to do with the statistics of who are quite eligible and marketable to get married, vs. those other groups who tend not to stand a snowballs chance in hell to gain such an opportunity.

The African American population of people have their share of discussion regarding this topic as many dispute whether it is the African American man whom shy away from such responsibility or is it that the African American woman has not readily prepared herself as she may be more focused on her career path rather than building a family. Some may even say that the males have gotten themselves in a heap of trouble; too much to repair to manage a family. Others say that the females simply have such a nasty disposition, that no one would want to marry them.

We can find that when all is said and done, when this discussion is let out of the bag, many from this group may even join forces. They may make claims of preserving their own independence, as they lack desire to share life experiences or they simply may not select to marry each other due to having interests elsewhere to people of varied ethnicity.....or even same gender.

Freedom Of Choice: A New Way Of Looking At Marriage

Originally, when this article was written, it was 2013. I simply did not post as it really wasn't necessary to me. Yet given the recent change of events in the U.S., whereby a landmark decision was made to grant people of the same gender to receive "equal rights" (whatever that is) for marriage...Might this open up the opportunity to certain groups; particularly African American women who have felt that their options were slim, an opportunity for marriage with their own kind...other women? I would imagine that the existing distorted averages and percentiles could potentially change whereby an increase of marital status may show evident, should this population make alternative decisions in their marital selections.

Disclaimer: This writer is neither for or against such decision-making in marriage, yet simply posing food for thought for those who have given any thought at all to the recent current events in the U.S.

Only time will tell where this is all going....Word?

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