Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Don't Fraternize With The Walking Dead

So who are the walking dead? You may wish to envision imagery above. Yet that would be too easy. The media provides us with such depictions which can be quite misleading. I'm here to tell you that the walking dead do exist, but they will not come in this form depicted. You need to know who they can potentially look like so that your supernatural eyes can see them. They will come in many forms, races, identities, wear a vast amount of styles, will be males or females, your husband, your wife...

        The walking dead can look like this: 

Popularly in America today, the walking dead can very well look like this:

Or surprisingly enough, the walking dead can look like this:

And most commonly, the walking dead can look like this: 

(I see a ticking time bomb ready to explode...look out.)

The walking dead are right in front of you from day to day. They are at your local supermarkets, at your places of employment, at your favorite restaurant, and often times....in your own homes. Heck....the walking dead can even be you. But could you ever acknowledge that fact? Would you recognize it, and would you wish to awaken from the dead? Face yourself in the mirror and know who you really are. 

Cleanse the mind. Cleanse the body. Cleanse the spirit. Live with harmony, order and balance

And should you see such a beast amidst you named the walking dead, beware. For their spirit is dead. They don't care about you, or anyone else for that matter. They are your day to day sociopaths who walk the Earth inconspicuously. Keep your eyes open, for their faces will not be covered with decay.

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