Sunday, September 20, 2015

You Need Music In Your Life: Featured Artist, Ledisi

Photo from album cover: Ledisi "The Truth"

Electrifying and sultry singer Ledisi Anibade Young is a talented musical genius who deserves much recognition for the talent she brings to audiences and the music industry.  Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Ledisi inherited her musical talents having both parents with the inclusion of a step-father all singers and performer, although she would communicate with her biological father many years later. 

Ledisi /ˈlɛdɨs/, Yoruba (Nigerian) name meaning "to bring forth" is exactly what she does at every performance she gives. I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing her perform in 2014 in the Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania, and certainly won't make it my last. 

In the late 90's Ledisi formed a group named Anibade, which would then lead her to creating a body of work over a long period of years; album titles such as "Lost and Found" in 2008 where she received two Grammy nominations, "Turn Me Loose" released in 2009 and "The Truth" released in 2014, just to name a few. There were many more albums and varied performances in between from a span of time since 1995 up until today.

One of my personal favorite songs is featured on the video below.



Another all-time favorite of mine... This great song took me on my journey to West Africa and back in 2009. I never got tired of listening...

                 VIDEO: LEDISI "In The Morning" WATCH!
                                      and a few others.........

Ledisi has had some controversy in the beginning of 2015 where Beyonce was scheduled to perform (and did) "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" during the Grammys, oddly enough. It was Ledisi in fact who performed that song in the film "Selma", so it would only be befitting and make total sense that it would be Ledisi performing. However she took it well like the woman that she is as she stated that Beyonce's performance would allow the youngsters of her generation to be introduced to the song as well. 

Ledisi is a great talent and class act, and we look forward to her great talent and performances to come. Surely she will gift us (hopefully) for many more decades.  

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