Monday, September 7, 2015

Make An Exceptional Jewelry Statement: You're Worth It

       It's When Jade Meets The Ankh... 

Raspberry Jade Egyptian Ankh Necklace, Gemstone Beaded Statement Necklace, African Inspired Necklace

The Raspberry Jade Egyptian Ankh Statement Necklace is definitely designed for the person who can appreciate gemstones and the statement of eternal life. Necklace approx. 26" length, lobster claw clasp.

Raspberry Jade Gemstones
Lavender Jade Gemstones
Raspberry Glass Beads
Gold Spacers

Raspberry Jade, "The Stone of Dreams" reminds us of the magic that is all around and within us, and helps to bring out the gentle and welcoming side of us. It opens the mind to become more lighter, and can help break negative thought cycles, as well as lift the mood.

The Ankh  is the Kemetic hieroglyph which represents the hieroglyph ´nh (ankh) meaning "life" or "breath of life". The glyph appears in an incredible number of inscriptions and was often used as a decorative device. Many of the gods of Khemit are depicted bearing the Ankh to represent their vivacity and immortality. Occasionally the gods and goddesses extends the Ankh to the Pharaoh, indicating purification and the gift of life.

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